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For example, did you know that regular date nights protect your marriage from divorce? The Date Night Opportunity Report, which surveyed more than 1,600 married couples between the ages of 18 and 55, concluded, Hint: not married, but cohabitating?

The study found that “cohabiting women who spent couple time with their partner at least once per week were over four times more likely to be very happy in their cohabiting relationship than were cohabiting women who spent less time with their partner.”My husband and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.

Think about it — what did you do in those first few months and years of being together, you know, during the exciting “honeymoon phase” of your relationship? Several years ago, Paul and I had a blast wandering from ethnic food store to ethnic restaurant for the better part of a day.

This was after it dawned on me that we live in Houston − a hugely diverse city with access to authentic foods from the corners of the world.

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About two years ago, when our little guy was one year old, my husband and I did something CRAZY: we committed to weekly date nights as a married couple.

In fact, the lovely Dating Divas came up with a years’ worth of cultural dates, all laid out for you that would make a nice addition to the info below, OR substitute entirely if you’re in a particularly cultural-void area of the world.– and we’re going to use these things to do on date night for a Holi festival date come Spring.It turns out to learn about experience other cultures. We’re talking an adventurous women-only 5K run dotted with obstacles sure to challenge your agility, balance, strength and speed.Jump, climb, swing, and DASH your way to the finish line, but do it your way.

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Guess what are the best date ideas to rekindle a marriage? Trying new things together took a backseat to routine, stability, grocery store runs (is it just me, or do you end up at the grocery store 3 times as often with kids) and important things like that. He says, Like when we went to Austria for 11 days on our honeymoon, or to Cozumel for our 5-year anniversary.

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