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Over the centuries these various settlements evolved into hundreds of small ‘tuatha’ and then into four major kingdoms, known by the names which exist to this day, with Ulster and Connacht becoming the strongest of the four and being constantly at war with each other.A fifth ‘kingdom’ then evolved in the midlands and became known as Midhe, or Meath, and this dynasty was to impose its will on the other four.In addition, regular earthworks and turf-digging in the boglands of Ireland have, over the centuries, yielded up innumerable artifacts of stone, bronze, gold, silver and bone, all of them relics of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.Fine examples of these artifacts are currently on display in the National Museum in Dublin and in several other county museums throughout the country.These iron weapons made it that much easier for them to subdue any and all opposition.These Celts also brought with them a Celtic language of their own, which would later develop into Gaeilge, or the Irish language which we know today.Forty days before the Deluge, Ceasair came to Ireland with fifty girls and three men - Bith, Ladhram, Fintain their names.Ladhra died at Ard-Ladhrann and from him it is named. Bith died at Sliabh Beatha and was interred in the carn of Sliabh Beatha, and from him the mountain is named.” Ard-Ladhrann was the name of a place on the east coast of Co.

Over the centuries that followed, the early Annalists record that successive invasions and settlements occurred and were carried out by such tribes as the Parthalonians, Nemedians, Formorians, Fir Bolg, Tuatha de Danann, and finally the Milesians or Celts, the last-named introducing implements and weapons of iron for the first time and overcoming all previous settlers still existing.

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Wexford, while Sliabh Beatha, or Slieve Beagh as it is known today, is in the north-west of Co. This same amazing occurence is recorded in the ‘ Annals of Clonmacnoise’, in the ‘ Book of Leinster’, in the ‘ Book of Invasions’ and in the ‘ Book of Fenagh’ while O’ Flaherty also thus records the arrival of Ceasair - “forth days before the Flood, on the 15th day of the Moon, being the Sabbath.” The historian Geoffrey Keating later wrote ...

“ I cannot conceive how the Irish antiquaries could have obtained the accounts of those who arrived in Ireland before the Flood, unless they were communicated by those aerial demons, or familiar sprites, who waited on them in times of paganism, or that they found them engraved on stones after the Deluge had subsided.” Geraldus Cambrensis agrees with the latter more acceptable explanation ... the theory of the information being derived from hieroglyphics and engravings on stone or on the inner walls of caves.

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