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The Wife subsequently started a relationship with a former army officer, who was in the Signal Regiment, whilst divorce proceedings were pending and an agreement had not been reached in respect of the finances.

The Wife did not inform the Court about her new relationship, however the Husband subsequently found out following investigations made by his legal team.

The fact the Wife had formed a new relationship affected the case when Mr Justice Mostyn noted “she likes him and his children very much, she hopes it continues, they have a lot in common and are happy together”.

He followed by saying, “she says she is not going to live with him, although it is perfectly clear that the relationship is strong”.

The couple had met in 1999 and lived together with an adopted child.

The Husband had almost no income, but had inherited millions from his wealthy Welsh family, whilst the Wife worked as a journalist.

In a written ruling, Mr Justice Mostyn said that starting a relationship before divorce makes it difficult for family Judges to decide how much money husbands should give wives following the breakdown of marriages.

He said that women risk a lower settlement because Judges might naturally assume they would set up home with their new partners, assuring their financial future.

This is a difficult period for both parties, because they're torn between two competing ideas: fidelity to the now-ended but not legally finished marriage, and equally strong desire to move on and start a new life.

" Some of these questions are not the most appropriate questions for lawyers to answer.

What choices you may make with respect to raising your children, for example, is definitely not our area of expertise.

When it comes to meeting new people, it's a dangerous until you've signed a separation agreement (or until after your trial), because you don't want to do anything that would arouse suspicion.

Even if you aren't having sex, the appearance of impropriety on your part can cause mistrust on the other side, which can slow down your divorce.

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