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She (and the party she represents) has no comprehension of the notion of human rights whatsoever and should be challenged constantly.

“Dear members of parliament, colleagues and guests, We are making history today.Sirusho is the first Armenian, who got nominated twice for world music awards for her song “pregomesh”. Recently She has released her handcrafted jewelry line of the latest fashion trends.Peggy Garabekian has got all traits of real Armenian. Lilit is the goddess of lean body, curly hair, and beautiful skin, Lilit Martirosyan is yet another beauty, who can be your dream girl.Parliamentary human rights committee chair Naira Zohrabyan of BHK party was ‘outraged’ by Lilit’s speech, citing ‘agenda hijacking’.She described Lilit’s speech “disrespectful” towards her personally, towards human rights committee and the parliament.

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