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See more on page 34 Romania used the entire year stamped after the serial number.

They were manufactured at the Cugir plant in Romania from the late 50's into the early 60's.

This is not very likely and that's why we can only apply that method of dating to the Factory 26 marked guns. This is a more unique weapon in that according to the dating scheme of the factory 26 rifles this would be a 1975 era gun. These were made in Government plants in Suhl, Germany. Not sure on how to tell the year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed.

I would tend to believe these would be either prior to 1967 or after 1979 with the latter being the most reasonable.The Albanian SKS is dated using the numbers on the left side of the receiver. Note after the serial number there is a dash and then the last two digits of the year.Albanian SKS's were manufactured from 1967 to 1979 No SKS's with the years 1972 - 1975 have been documented as of yet.That is why this dating of the Chinese weapons is so difficult, Did you notice NO Chinese characters!! Dates of manufacturer are not known for sure but it is roughly the late 50's into the early 60's. The Arsenal is usually marked on the top of the receiver cover and all the pictures I have seen have the same stamping.That is why I am led to believe the first 2 digits have something to do with the year.

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