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All drivers are in perfect and original working condition and have been thoroughly tested though the frequency range in our lab. The labels in the back are mostly intact although look a bit rough.The woofers have original foam that is supple and pliable enough where they will likely sing for many more years. The grills have just be redone in a period correct fabric and look gorgeous.It was 1970, when hi-fi speakers all had drab cloth grilles, the L100 sported a brilliant orange "waffle" pattern grille, and when every other speaker had grey or black woofers, the L100's was white.I'll never forget the first time I heard a pair, and the big JBLs lit up my Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix LPs, it really was the ultimate "rock" speaker of the day.

The Altec Lansing “Voice of the Theatre” speaker series has a storied past.The L100 sold for 3 each, way too pricey for me.Life before the first VCRs arrived in the late 1970s was pretty boring.So Villchur started Acoustic Research in 1952, and his very first speaker, the AR-1, was an immediate hit.Villchur’s design strategy used the elasticity of air within a sealed cabinet to provide the restoring force for the driver, which allowed his relatively small speakers to produce deep, low-distortion bass.

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When the AR-3a was introduced in the mid 60ies it took over the role of the AR-3.

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