Dating a preppy guy

i know some emo guys who date preppy girls,they say that if they are seen with people like that they might reconsider thinking emos are depressed and lonely and sometimes preppy and emos have enough in comeing to go out ? If they do find you attractive the relashinip will not last actually, as an emo, I can say that not all emo girls go for emo guys. Well, everyone has a different type that they like(: Some emo guys may prefer emo girls (instead of normal girls) because they share the same, or similar, taste in music, bands, clothes, etc... Imagine an emo guy dressed in black, or with band shirts, that listens to screamo and deathcore, with a preppy girl dressed in bright colors who listens to pop and is TOO happy.. Well me, personally, I like guys in guyliner, but that's not something they need. Well Im a emo girl and i would like emo guys because there emo most of the they do becuz they can relate 2 them but u shouldn't change urself for a girl no matter how u like them becuz if they don't like u they way u r it isn't worth it! It's really up to the guy and what his personal tastes are. If he is an artist then we usually like criticisim, but be carefull, we take it seriosly.

Go see bands like Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Motionless in White, Alesana, D.

Lol, This general region (Long Island, Connecticut and the Massachusetts islands) are the preppy capitals of the world.

But believe it or not, North Shore Long Island is heavily associated with preppiness but the South Shore is heavily associated with the so-called "guidos" with Brooklyn roots (in the same way as the Jersey Shore is)!

It can make you feel very secure when you're with them because they *seen* so sure of themselves. It can make you feel very secure when you're with them because they *seen* so sure of themselves. It is, my only real problem with it is the aesthetic, it's almost vanilla, not that I want one of those guys who dresses like they're 17 either, now that I'm on the other side of thirty I've retired my baggy jeans and urban tees, most days I'm wearing a sweater vest [my new obsession, I have like a thousand of em] with a button down or tee so I guess my new style could kinda be considered preppy. When I first met him, my boyfriend used to have that "greaser/jersey shore look" but he's definitely more on the preppy side now (as of the last 1.5 years or so).

But of course, clothes don't define my attraction.just adds to the fantasy!

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Then you get the fake preppy like the Abercrombie/Hollister scene of Southern California.

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