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The Ask TOM team will be busy at Open World this month. I don't understand what's the problem.i am going to give u full overview of my problem. The software is available in different portion of the country for data entry and report generation etc. Now, you "two step" it: insert into gttselect, count(*) cnt from tabb b, taba a where = and a.cycle = b.cycle and b.site_id = 44 and b.rel_cd in ( 'code1', 'code2', 'code3' ) and b.groupid = '123' and is null group by gets all of the id/cnts for only the rows of interest.If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello. Every monththe client office is to give data(NEW & EDITED) "BY DATE RANGWISE" to the headoffice in CD. Thank u very much for ur kind & very helpful reply. Now we can update the join: update ( select a.pop, from taba a, gtt b where = ) set pop = cnt/and thats it. Hi Tom, I’m selecting approximately 1 million records from some tables and populating another set of tables.

The performance degrade when T1 has all rows for update. ") committing in for loop == terrible, horrible, really truly BAD idea. Anyway -- my suggestion -- lose the procedural code. COM begin 2 update ( select t1.object_name t1_oname, t2.object_name t2_oname 3 from t1, t2 4 where t1.object_id = t2.object_id ) 5 set t1_oname = t2_oname; 6 7 dbms_output.put_line( 'Updated '

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