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About how big his dick was, how thick it was, how she gave him an awesome blowjob, how he filled her pussy and stretched it and of all the different positions they did before describing in detail how hard she came and how big her orgasm was.

She can either make a big point of rubbing it in your face or she can just be a matter of fact about it but either way, the result will be the same.2 – Force you to watch her with another man The ultimate cuckold humiliation.

These rules have been composed after years of time and experience so do not think we are asking too much in all of us being adults within these rooms and as a community on the whole.

One of the biggest humiliations a slave can endure is being turned into a cuckold.

Using you like a seat while she applies her makeup, having you put her stocking on, clasp her bra, dry her hair and zip up her dress.

Helping her get dressed is a subtle but effective way to let you know your status.4 – Make you pay for lingerie her lover will enjoy One of the biggest humiliations possible.

Being made to watch her suck another man’s cock and having him fuck her.

She might have you kneel beside the bed, stand in the corner or stand to face the wall.

Verbal insults usually go hand in hand with a pegging humiliation as well.You will not be allowed to move and will just sit there like a good little cuck and be ignored as she talks to a real man6 – Have you listen to her have phone sex If her lover can’t be there to satisfy her in front of you then she will have you sit or kneel when he calls and then make you listen as they have phone sex.As she rubs her breasts and slips a hand between her legs, you will be made to hear her talk about how she would suck his cock, fondle his balls and of how wet she is getting.It will be hell for you to see them kissing, her taking his cock in her mouth before spreading her legs for him and then seeing the look of pleasure on her face as he fills her.She might ignore you or she might smirk and look right at you as he pounds her hard.

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