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“I was super drunk and was like, ‘I’m never gonna see that guy again! “And I didn’t know how to find [him], so I wrote a Missed Connection.” A friend of Sykora’s saw the post, which mentioned the diner and the blue whale tattoo on his forearm.

The rest is the stuff of urban legend: they married in 2010 and are currently expecting their second child together.

He still worked at the diner, but different hours and the two hadn’t been running into each other.

Then, on New Year’s Eve in 2007, Posladek—armed with some liquid courage—took action.

And some—attempts to find someone after many years away, or trying to snag someone’s number after a clandestine hookup—are the ultimate shots in the dark.

After a week, the writer has the option to repost their Missed Connection or let it fade away. The formula is no-frills, the possibilities abundant.

Fifty-nine percent of postings were men seeking women, more than doubling the 27% from men seeking men.

Eventually they ended up meeting, and, after she wondered aloud why he was out with her because “it sure seems like you’re gay,” she went in for a kiss, much to his surprise.

“It was also the last missed connection I ever even searched for,” Paez-Pumar laughs.

*****Others, as detailed in a particularly harrowing New York Times Modern Love story, use Missed Connections not to find a particular person but by posting generally about appearance and place in the hopes of finding someone who fits their type and, perhaps, thinks they’ve already looked longingly at one another.

So many tricky factors are at play in this forum—which, perhaps, is part of its appeal.

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