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Developed for this title it’s a state-of-the-art technology which outrivals every other gaming engine currently available.Physics is the plotline of this game, and its also the one significant element that really does make this the best game of its class, and, well, the best game of the year.You can see the effort that’s been put into them just by watching them go about their tasks and interacting with each other.There are no pre-rendered scenes in the game at all.The graphics are outstanding, yes, and i’ll move on to that, but its physics and interactivity together that make this title work.There are a few great puzzles based around real-world physics and they’re a joy to work with.Gone forever are the days of scripted or waypoint battling. And they can make decisions on how best to attack you based on their surroundings and their proximity to you.

Like Half-Life you’ll get to use some of the aliens on your side too, which was a great touch from the original they’ve kept.I’m not going to go into the storyline of Half-Life 2 for two reasons, firstly it has one, and secondly it’s made up bit by bit as you go along by the characters you come into contact with.A few of the characters from Half-Life have survived and are your link to what’s going on.Because they’re based on real-world rules, wood floats in water, for example, or pulley-systems with weights, they have a real point in being there and that, for me, enhances what a game like this should be: realistic.Material properties, magnetics, fluid dynamics, electricity and gravity, they’re all a factor here and the one piece of kit integral to your progress also makes use of this feature.

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