Configuation options for updating operating system

With this kind of configuration, there is always a prompt that one should see on start-up asking one which operating system one would like to run either the new one or old one.

For instance, one can have windows seven and windows eight both in one's computer.

Such an installation simply means repairing operating system files present on the windows version.

At times, one may desire to install a new operating system version without having to do away with the old or existing operating system.

Once it identifies the existence of an existing operating system, it automatically makes an upgrade to the latest version without altering any applications or files present.

Clean installation is a kind of OS installation that is far much different from in-place upgrade.

After that, one should now copy the operating system on the USB flash drive ready to commence installation.

In case one wants to change over to the other operating system, one should just restart one's computer.

Remote network installation is another magnificent way of installing an OS.

In such a case, one should be in a position to support a Multiboot configuration also known as dual boot configuration.

In this configuration, one should have two different operating systems in two distinct hard drive partitions.

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