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That's also one of the reasons, they for the most part generally fail. There is no law that prevents crime before the act. And there is evidence that the gun laws previously developed in the '94 gun Control Act were nothing other than an abysmal failure. And yet you guys fight to reverse gun legislation that could only be helping to limit the mass carnage done by guns.

please wait" the game will take me back to the main menu, again not signed in and effectively taking me in a circle, which I again tried 5 times to no success.

There is no vehicle law that will ever stop an individual from using a vehicle as a weapon.

There is no law that will ever stop an individual from converting a kitchen utensil, a pressure cooker, into a weapon.

In footage shared of the attack scores of rounds of ammunition can be heard going off in a matter of seconds.

Such weapons were previously prohibited under the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban which expired in 2004.

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I also try to boot COH from my disc, with no difference.

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