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The reservoir garden, built on debris from the neighbouring farmer’s lake and now looking rather Eighties, is due for a facelift and will become a living catalogue for many of the new plants grown in the nursery.

Only the scree garden, near the house and packed full of favourite sedums, sempervivums and alpines, is a disappointment.

Of course, I’ve kept in touch through countless articles and images, and Chatto’s dictum “the right plant in the right place” comes to mind every time I buy something I know won’t grow in my clay garden, however much I love it.

Wandering around the garden with nursery manager Dave Ward, I was none the less surprised to see how familiar the layout and planting felt.

The festival is one of the highlights of the horticultural calendar and I think Beth would have been over the moon that she is being remembered in such a way,' Julia Boulton, Beth Chatto's granddaughter and Managing Director of The Beth Chatto Gardens explains. The Smart Meter Garden is an immersive metaphor for our future environment and explores the relationship between carbon emissions and our natural world.

There are plenty of draught-tolerant plants on display which aim to encourage the next generation of gardeners to plan ahead when designing their own outdoor space. The garden is overlooked by a large sculptural head that can be entered, allowing each person a moment alone to contemplate the garden and its message.

In fact, the garden survived two months with no water in last summer's heatwave. The inspiration comes from the idea of 'lagom', which means not too much, not too little, but perfectly balanced.

'We are delighted that Beth is being honoured at The Hampton Court Garden Festival. This garden aims to show visitors how they can encourage biodiversity, reduce water use and prevent flooding in homes and community spaces.

A beautiful rich tapestry of flower, foliage, colour (expect vibrant oranges and lilacs), texture, shape and form are some of the key highlights in the garden. This garden is an immersive walk-through space, representing the important role of Gifts in Wills in funding Cancer Research UK’s progress towards a day when all cancers are cured.

Many of the plants featured are able to adapt and cope with prolonged dry spells. This garden is a space in which to relax, entertain and have all the comforts of a contemporary garden while keeping nature in mind.

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