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Blaze bumbled his way through the streets, before finally managing to find her store. He gently inserted the tip of his thumb and loosened her a little before shoving it in. Agatha looked back and sucked in a breath of surprise. Firstly, she hadn't expected such a request from Blaze, and secondly, she'd never really had a friend. "No, I'd love to be your friend" Elyssa replied with a brilliant smile, bedazzling him. He was hoping he could grab some lunch with her and give some more input on his clothing. He was gonna say that he hated pink, but his current surroundings took away that option. I wanted to use pink for some of your clothes, but I don't think pink goes with your hair" she replied, seeming to read his thoughts. He couldn't really place the taste, but she was sweet. Getting up to his feet, he placed the tip of his head against her entrance. " Elyssa stopped pinching and considered his words. Placing his now erect penis against her puffy lips he rubbed it against her gently. Agatha started letting out a slight moan, as her lower lips dampened. I really dont like how he tries to lie and trick his aunty instead of just asking her.

*** The next morning, Blaze woke up to an empty bed.

He had finally managed to grow his wings to two feet.

Rebecca came up with the idea after we discussed about her stay" Jie Er patted on his shoulder. Jie Er and Rebecca gave him more guidance in the evenings, and with all this help he made quick and steady progress. " Blaze chirped happily, as he sat down at his seat that Friday morning.

He used them to his advantage and practiced his energy manipulation and wing manifestation skills whenever.

They were rooms with heavily shielded walls that people could use to practice their skills. " "Ok, little Elyssa" "I am gonna whack you" "You can call me a child, but I can't call you little? In truth, she still had forty years left to grow and although she was short for her age, no one could say how tall she would be by the time she finished her growth. " Blaze said gently as he saw her face turning red with frustration. And since I am a lot younger than you, if I win, I also get to order you around for a day.

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The tip entered easily but he faced some resistance after. Finally, with one final push he shoved his entire member in. He leaned forward and grabbed her perky breasts from the side. She suddenly realized that she had been treating Blaze the same way. Peeved that she could have such an effect on him, he decided to prank her. "The thing is, you need to focus your energies less on growing your breasts and more on just growing" Blaze replied with mock seriousness, poking the side of her breast with a finger. " Elyssa shouted, pinching him hard on the thigh and not letting go.

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