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But the practice of shooting documentary photography is much richer than it’s definition would lead you to believe....

Luxurious, expensive photo spreads of the prettiest people on the planet do well on social media, but what if you prefer something grittier, less processed and, dare I say, more real?

"To all of the nurses and LNAs on the Fitch unit: They are amazing on this floor! They do their best to make you as comfortable as possible while you are here.

I witnessed their interactions with other patients and they are SO compassionate and caring.

Each pixel works individually to capture a tiny amount of light and color, which then gets combined to form the final image. The number of megapixels determines the resolution of the image, and in turn how large the image can be printed or how much it can be cropped.

Sure, you can just go down the street with an SD card and pick up your favorite photos from the local drugstore or super-center an hour later, but that’s kind of like putting a lens on a ,000 camera.

The worst part of that headache wasn’t the web design process...... It can capture incredible natural locations many people don’t get to see in person.But the Seattle-based photographer didn’t build a...... In my Camera Buyers Guide I do a complete rundown of everything you should know about when purchasing an interchangeable lens camera.When most people ask me questions about print or digital photography, I quickly realize that they think that all I do is grab the camera, point it at something until that something looks pretty, and then press the shutter button. I, of course, go through the differences between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras very closely. In it’s most narrow definition, documentary photography is the practice of making a photograph which is an accurate representation of its subject.When a camera is said to be “very good in low light” it means that there is little to no noise in the higher ISO values.A camera’s sensor is comprised of millions of individual pixels (for “picture element”).

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