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Amanda is American by nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity.The name of her parents is John Jay ( former Chief Justice of the U. Supreme Court) and Barbara “Babe” Cushing Mortimer Paley, a famous socialist.Read Also: Isabella Sermon – Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, and Other Facts1.She Comes From a Long Line of Successful People There are not a lot of people who can boast of the sort of progenitors and family line that Amanda Burden descends from.In 1990, she was offered a position as a member of the New York City Planning Commission and she accepted it.She was appointed Commissioner in 2002, and she held the job till 2013.Amanda attended Westover School, where she completed her high school education before moving on to Wellesley College.She then furthered her education, studying environmental science at Sarah Lawrence College.

She has a reputation of being a woman who does things, instead of waiting for them to happen.While serving on the New York City Planning Commission, Amanda spearheaded and managed dozens of important projects aimed at improving not only the outlook and layout of the city but the people’s enjoyment of it as well.Under her guidance, the department oversaw the rezoning of 40% of the city, development of the Brooklyn Waterfront, creation of the High Line Park and East River Esplanade, and several other developments across New York City.She is affiliated along with the architect works in her hometown.She is also widely discussed for being the partner of Charles Rose and is also the principal of Bloomberg Associates and a philanthropist. Amanda jay Mortimer Burden is an urban planner and a consultant also a Principal at a global counseling administration named Bloomberg Associates.

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