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And today you can still see the influence in the in old relics and in the faces of the people.

Many men how frequent the Philippines believe that the greatest assets of Cebu are the Cebuanas.

Although it is very common to for Cebuana to date and marry foreigners, it is equally common to find Cebuana Scammers. You can count on 3 out of 5 women on filipina dating sites only wanting your money.

Professional scammers that make their living from foreigners giving money in romance scams, or dating a foreigners but keeping a local Cebuano in the house to serve. Do NOT get serious about a relationship until you have met her in person. If she is asking money or saying I love you shortly after meetings.

If you are looking for filipino ladies for marriage, Mango Square is probably not the right place for you. When it comes to finding a filipina wife its not about the place, its about time.

You need time to figure out if she is the right one.

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Spanish culture and genetics had 500 years to take root in the Queen City.Cebuanas with this kind of beauty usually end up as artists in the Philippines staring on GMA television shows or in films.If you visit Cebu City, you will notice beautiful Cebuanas everywhere.So if you are IN Cebu City, you have a much better chance of finding Cebu Women or allowing a Cebu Woman to find you.In Cebu City, just like any major city, you can find just about anything you want.

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