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First of all, we need to understand the Japanese year, which in 2019 is actually 31 (at least until 30 April 2019 – more on that a little later). While Japan adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1873 i.e.

This law is currently not extended to his son or future successors to the throne.

Diaries often have one in the back for easy reference, and most Government offices will have one behind the counter to help you out if necessary.

But if you are residing in Japan, it is always useful to know your date of birth in Japanese years. The first column has the Japanese year, the second is the Gregorian calendar year, the third the animal of the year according to the Chinese zodiac, and the last is the current age of a person born in that year.

The era name is what the Emperor is referred to posthumously.

So, for example, the Emperor during the Meiji era is now posthumously known as ‘Emperor Meiji'.

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