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These virus tend to send personal information on your phone or PC to hackers and fraudsters and that was why I decided to create this website.Please note that we do not host any leak on our website but we link you to the source of the leak so that you can watch and download it for free without pop ups and viruses.One of the street sweepers, Mary Effiom who sweeps a portion along Goldie/Amika Utuk street told Vanguard that she has been sweeping the streets for over six years now and her take home pay has slightly been increased owing to her dedication to duty.“Some of us are paid 6000 while some are paid 5000 Naira every month and the money has been helping to buy food for my family and purchase some petty items that I sell in front of my family house at Palm Street.The Calabar Urban Development Authority is charged with the responsibility of keeping the streets and parks clean by deploying women each morning to sweep the dust and debris that accumulate on the streets and parks.The harem of women engaged by CUDA numbering about 3,000 are split into groups of between five to eight and deployed to the streets headed by a supervisor to monitor their activities every morning as they sweep their designated portions assigned to them.The hospitality of the people is equal to none in the country, no wonder so many young men who find themselves in the city find it difficult to leave.

Like Ebri, he was pilloried for “pulling down shops and business arcades from which people earned a living”.Roundly criticized then for importing plants which “abound in large numbers in our forests rather than establishing industries that can employ people”, Ebri remained undaunted and today those plants have grown to become big trees with large branches which form a canopy over major streets and avenues in the city.The canopy formed by these trees shade off the sun from pedestrians who walk to offices and other places. Donald Duke who became governor in 1999 imported grasses and additional ornamental trees with which he painstakingly cultivated all over the state capital.Clement David Ebri, who during his short- lived administration as governor of Cross River State during the General Ibrahim Babangida transition programme in 1992, imported ornamental trees which he planted along major streets across the city.But it must be on record that before this time Calabar’s culture of cleanliness and natural surrounding had been deep-rooted.

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