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It’s our rebel nature coming alive for the greater good. It’s rare that you will find an entrepreneur who is not talking big things. We don’t want to “sort of” fix the world with software, we want to transform it and make everyone’s life better.We want to help those who are less fortunate realize their own entrepreneurial dream so that they can do what we have done, and what we’re about to do.While it’s the norm to settle for comfortable and mediocre, you’ll very rarely meet an entrepreneur that will be happy to settle for this way of living.Entrepreneurs want the best and they demand high standards.This is because every question we ask a prospective partner is designed to help us uncover the other person’s mindset.We want them to believe, as we do, that anything is possible.

We’re stubborn in some ways but it’s all for a good cause: our purpose.

A sense of purpose aligns to our entrepreneurial nature.

Looks come and looks go with age, but a sense of purpose is everlasting.

It’s not so much about perfection, but more about maintaining high standards that give us the rewards we need to stay motivated.

It’s a philosophy of always pushing the boundaries, and not accepting what we’re told just because everyone else accepted the same answer.

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