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Communist domination was brought to a swift, but (for many people) illusory end in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.Although Bulgaria went on to hold its first multi-party election since World War II, essentially socialist policies were pursued until hyperinflation and economic meltdown drove the old guard out of power in 1997.Bulgaria is one of the few exotic nations of Europe, due to the fact that it boasts sublime beaches, lovely churches, winter sport opportunities and great hiking, to name a few.Although it has traditionally not been regularly visited by Westerners compared to other European nations, this is beginning to change.Central Northern Bulgaria South of the Danube River, this region includes cities with turn-of-the-20th-century architecture such as Lovech and Rousse, known as the "Little Vienna".The uniquely designed and picturesque medieval capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire, Veliko Tarnovo, is also here.Attractions include the wintersport resorts of Bansko and Pamporovo, the university town of Blagoevgrad, and the spectacular Seven Rila Lakes near Kyustendil.Northern Thrace This region includes plains dominated by the Maritsa River and its tributaries, with many ancient Thracian sites (some of which are on UNESCO's World Heritage List).

In the second half of World War II, it was occupied by the Soviet Union and became a People's Republic in 1946.Bulgarians consider the Macedonian language to be a dialect of Bulgarian.This is politically controversial, but it is true that Bulgarian and Macedonian are very close to each other and a speaker of one language can mostly understand the other. This can make the task of getting around the country somewhat difficult if you aren't familiar with this alphabet, as most signs are written in it.Corruption, a weak judicial system and the presence of organized crime remain significant long-term challenges for the country's development and economic prospects.The Bulgarian language is related to Serbian, Russian and other Slavic languages, but contains many international words.

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In succeeding centuries, the Bulgarian and Byzantine Empires dominated South-East Europe, but by the end of the 14th century, the region was overrun by the Ottoman Turks.

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