Buddhism and on line dating

As I talk, I feel this pain leaking out—not just the core symptom of BPD, but all the years of being blamed or ignored for my condition, and all the years I've blamed others for how I am.It's the pain of being told I was too needy even as could never get the help I needed.” ― “I’m not interested in Bob Marley telling me to ‘lively up’ myself.

Instead of trying to freeze the present moment and hanging onto it, we need to remember that life is a process of constantly letting go.” Translation: “To be loyal to our journey is to know the rhythm, tone, and pulse of our essential inner world—the song that is ours alone.On the other hand, it is important to be respectful and kind to people who contact you.“We need this help from the outside because we don't know how to to do this for ourselves.When two people bring the richness of their inner music to each other, they bring the possibility of a new composition, of counterpoint, harmony, voices weaving together creating a magical composition.If we’re disconnected from the music of our essence and attempt to find happiness through another’s song, there will be dependency and a relationship without harmony.” Translation: “If we have the belief ‘I’ll always be abandoned,’ we create situations where we’ll be abandoned, and forget to notice when people are loyal friends.

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And I am, for better or worse, an instant convert.” ― “But when I look at myself squarely, it’s not just that I have a few difficulties or unresolved issues.

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