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Eventually, during the reunion, they appeared to come to some kind of truce and, judging by the special, it seems to be sticking.

Bristol herself only popped up for a few moments throughout the hour, which focused more on Dakota and how he's been handling being a single father since the separation.

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On Monday night, MTV aired "Being Dakota: A Teen Mom Special," following up with Meyer after his disastrous run on the network's parent show with his ex-wife.

During their first (and only) season, the couple's marriage fell apart in front of the cameras, before they proceeded to bash each other in separate confessionals.

"#2 is me having the best possible relationship I can have with Bristol and if I have to spend the rest of my life just focused on my kids and Bristol, I'll still do that because that's the best outcome I could have." When asked by his friend how he'd feel if Bristol started dating, he kept it positive, but admitted it would also take some adjusting to. "It'd bother me more that that just couldn't be me. Speaking to another one of his friends after the party, Meyer said he's determined to become a coparenting success story.

But while his divorce from Palin was probably for the best, Dakota also admitted it can be lonely.

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She's a little nervous, but she's doing very well."As for the show's skimpy costumes and sensual dance routines, Ballas tells us that Palin is game for sexing it up, saying, "She'll be fine doing them."Just how much skin will we see tonight? Rumor has it that Sarah Palin will be stopping by to cheer on her daughter this season and although Ballas says he hasn't yet met the mama bear, he'll give her a warm welcome."I'm looking forward to meeting her!

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