Blue ray updating

Through life experience you learn about love – how deep you choose to delve is your free will.

Blue Rays can become excellent channels and many are now bringing through a beautiful and pure path of clear connection and communication with the dimensional realms; accessing energetic ‘soul strands’ to illuminate the highest intent of spirit guides, Ascended Masters, angelic beings and the Divine Feminine Rays.The drama, the doubt and the definitions that have boxed you in, are being erased by your own light.Draw strength from your Divine knowingness that flows through you like an electrical current, super-charged by your intentions to be more, know more and illuminate more!Many Blue Rays have violet in their fields as part of their sacred mission and purpose of transformation through grace…..” Blue Rays have an enormous capacity to hold light, therefore they are able to ‘hold space’ for other light beings to free themselves from the intensity and density of bands of stuck energy and support them to ‘see’ they are actually here to take part in the heart process of actively rescuing their soul contracts themselves!2018 and beyond will see all Blue Ray Beings truly standing on higher ground and walking their wonderful upon this planet.

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Your birth right is to BE what your heart desires you to be; yet the force fields of control are strong and the push/pull forces engage to amplify fear and confusion – thankfully this energy is dispersing and dissolving as ascension energies support the Light Workers to be Light Leaders.

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