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That right there is the Swedish idea of a first date.

So obviously dating in Swedish and American tends to look a little different. There is no dating period, there is no “where do we stand” talk. Ok, Swedish men aren’t gentlemen in the way of opening doors, treating women like royalty or paying the bills.In the summer, the sun stays in the sky round the clock, while June nights have only a few hours of semi-darkness!Browse by City: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Goteborg, Uppsala, Umea, Lulea, Helsingborg, Jonkoping, Visby, Lund, Gavle, Uddevalla, Landskrona, Linkoping, Karlstad.Now that the first dates are over with (in the US dinner, movies, walks and talks vs. Suddenly you’re just in a deeply committed, adult, monogamous relationship. On the other hand they are gentlemen when it comes to not treating you as a fragile flower, but as an equal human being just as capable of paying the bills as they Sweden drunken sex a few times), what’s the next step? They cook, they do the dishes and they take care of the kiddies.

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