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This is the first chapter of something that should end up being 7 chapters total.These first few have been sitting on my computer for a while, so hopefully the rest get finished up soon.He gestured for Rukia to go through the door on the right while he and Ichigo disappeared behind the door on the left.."Question 1: What is your relationship with Ichigo Kurosaki?" Another man asked once Rukia had taken a seat at the table in the small room."He's my boyfriend," she lied casually.."Mr.I was under the impression that you were hoping to expand to a ..elite clientele."The orange-haired man considered his options. "I'll do it, but when we win, I want the 0,000 prize. We just ask that you do your best to get yourself and Miss Kuchiki to the finale."Ichigo grinned.

The bald man raised an eyebrow and looked at his partner. The quiet fashion designer gave a small nod at the mention of his name, but he didn't seem interested in talking."And who's this? Rukia looked like she was about to punch the other actress but, fortunately, another girl approached them."Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that dinner's ready."Uryuu got up and escorted Orihime out to the dining room, leaving Rukia and Ichigo with the stranger."I'm Rangiku, by the way.Unfortunately, Byakuya thought to himself, he wasn't entirely sure that these two would able to make it to the end of the show without killing each other. Kusosaki, Miss Kuchiki, it seems that you would indeed qualify for the show as far as credentials and celebrity status go," a short man, one of the producers, informed them."If you'll just follow me, we'll move on to the interview process and then you are free to go."Ichigo and Rukia followed the man down a hallway with two rooms." Ichigo asked, flipping through the papers"I was." the actress smiled proudly. ""I hated it," the trainer said, making a disgusted face."Well, at least I have a job." Rukia said, obviously offended. Plenty of respectable people live there.""If you say so," Rukia said doubtfully."If you say so, ," Byakuya corrected, causing his younger sister to make a face like she was getting sick."Yeah, sugarplum, you really should start being nicer to me," Ichigo teased."Just you wait, honey bear, I'll show you-""Anyway," Byakuya quickly interjected. You two can get better acquainted tomorrow after you've gone through these folders."The agent watched, slightly amused, as Ichigo left and Rukia went off to sulk."Besides, who actually lives in Los Angeles besides washed up D-listers and wannabe artists? "Sorry, I don't have a million-dollar summer home on the beach. Fortunately, the show was supposed to be about mending broken bonds and fixing relationship issues anyway.

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