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Del Toro continued to the Sarasota home, where he broke in and saw Sheila with the quadruplets.In an interview with police before his conviction, he told them that said he saw her with her children and saw how caring she was and almost didn't go through with it.Some users may experience a slight FPS drop when first entering Blackthorn Manor when it's fully furnished (mainly due to mannequins),waiting 10-15 seconds when first entering the home should return the FPS to normal after everything has time to load..(I highly recommend using HIALGOBOOST GPU UPGRADE by Hi Algo Boost to help with FPS for any lower end PC users (myself included)..)Mannequins are heavy on memory, there's a few memory patch mods available that will help with loading related issues.. V1.6 Update Adjusted and Reduced the payout for the Town Income New buildable Unique Weapons Display for Trophy Room: Chillrend, Champion's Cudgel, Zephyr, Auriel's Bow, Harkon's Sword, Dragonbane, Valdr's Lucky Dagger, Blade of Sacrifice, Staff of Magnus, Okin, Eduj, Blade of Woe, Stormfang, Bloodscythe, Soulrender New Boathouse area for the Travel Boat (Purchase Boat Dock at the Trader Workbench)New option to add 4 Inn Guests at the 1st Floor Inn Workbench Adjusted the Guards Faction Other Minor Additions/Adjustments V1.5 Update:130 New Buildable Items New small backstory for the town (Read the "Welcome" book on Blackthorn Trader workbench)New income system that allows you to earn gold by hiring NPCs after building the various shops, houses and mine New option to quickly order building supplies (Ledger on the Blackthorn Trader Store Counter)Relocated the Blackthorn Trader, Inn, Guard Barracks, Alchemy Shop Relocated the Merchant Stall Vendors in front of the new Inn location Extended the Dock Area with Piers along the shore (Now Built at the Main Workbench in the Blackthorn Trader)New Buildable Mine New Buildable Well New Buildable Followers Barracks New Buildable Pelts Store New Buildable Bookstore New Buildable Grounds Keeper Home New Buildable Farm New Buildable Windmill New Buildable Citizen House New Buildable Guard Barracks/Jail (Larger and replaces the old Guard Barracks from V1.4)New Tunnel System beneath Blackthorn (Connects Blackthorn Manor, Inn and Follower Barracks)Building the Town Gates will now add a third Gate and walls surrounding the road areas Rebuilt and adjusted the stairs in Blackthorn Manor Removed one bed in the first floor bedroom of Blackthorn Manor New buildable Garden behind Blacksmith Shop Replaced all Path Lanterns with new models New Dragon Land Markers (On all the Town Gates once they're built)27 New NPCs include:6 Hirable Miners3 Additional Guards2 Farmers1 Child2 Citizens Bookstore Merchant Pelts Merchant Grounds Keeper Blackthorn Manor Steward Prisoner (Guard Barracks Jail)Hunter4 Cows3 Goats1 Chicken Other minor adjustments, additions and bug fixes V1.4 Update: New Boat Dock Fast Travel System (Build the Exterior Boat Dock option at the 1st Floor Workbench in Blackthorn Manor)Increased some light sources in Blackthorn Manor, new buildable Candelabra for the Master Bedroom (corner near the mannequins)Adjusted all the Exterior/Interior Navmesh Adjusted the Stairs in Blackthorn Manor V1.3 Update: Fix for the Kitchen Oven Moved the enemy encounter zone a bit further down the road away from the town gate New Sandbox AI Package for all the NPCs Fixed the misspelled Jewelry container Minor landscaping to the river bank behind Blackthorn Manor V1.2 Update: Fix for the Notes Themed Storage Adjustment to all NPC AI Packages Adjustments to the Multiple Adoption system Adjustments to the exterior navmesh around the Merchant Stalls V1.1 Update: Minor adjustments to Weapon Plaques, Weapon Racks, Shield Plaques, Dagger Display Cases and Large Display Cases Fix for the floating alchemy ingredients satchel in the Alchemy Shop before the Store Counter is built Added a few more building supplies to the cheat supply chest Install---------------------------------1. Manually install contents of archive in Skyrim/Data folder.Uninstall---------------------------------Make sure to save outside of the cell being uninstalled.1. Delete the Blackthorn and any other files from this mod from your Skyrim/Data folder.Rocha was allegedly motivated to carry out the crime when told by Blackthorne that Sheila was abusing the two children, Stevie and Daryl.On November 7, 1997, Del Toro traveled to Sarasota, Florida, in a car registered to his grandmother, with the intention of assaulting Sheila.

Building items too fast and not allowing the screen to fade to black after each item is built can cause items to sometimes not appear.

Price w/ 20% Discount) = 120 Gold Leather Strips (Orders 50): 3 Value (105 Reg.

Price w/ 20% Discount) = 84 Gold Straw (Orders 30) : 1 Value (30 Gold Reg.

Price w/ 20% Discount) = 80 Gold Iron Ingots (Orders 40): 7 value (280 Gold Reg.

Price w/ 20% Discount) = 224 Gold Building Blackthorn is meant to be a large buildable project that WILL take time to finish.

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