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For questions about the email Angie, your Orange County Coordinator or to register by phone call 562-841-5842. She has an effervescent personality that just draws you in. I was lucky in that the household I grew up in, sex wasn’t considered taboo.I started doing some girl/girl stuff on my webcam and I was very comfortable with solo masturbation and girl/girl scenes. I really like 101, they’re not really pushy or rude and never made me feel weird or skeevy.So my thing is, I think of a big decision for months and months then I wake up one day and go for it. I remember my best friend, who’s not in porn but is still my best friend, we would hike Runyon Canyon and I would tell her my porn ideas and about getting into the industry. And I remember going in and telling them that I thought about this for a long while.We talked for well over an hour about everything from her start in the industry to what she hopes to accomplish in the future. It was relatively kind of normal, I was kind of checking everything out. I worked at a few jobs at restaurants because that’s what I was used to but then when I was 19, I started exotic dancing. I worked bottle service at some clubs then I got into web camming and nude modeling. Everyone talks about it and they don’t consider anything wrong with being gay or bi.Romi is a very open person and can be a goofball when she’s not letting the world see her sexual prowess! What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc. I have no idea why I was born in the winter time because I’m so anti-cold. But I love my hometown and miss the people very much! I always had big boobs but I never really grew into being as attractive as my mother. I got detention all the time for goofing off in class. CJ: So when you moved to LA, what kind of work did you do? I also was one of those models you see at trade shows before I got into porn. My mother never shamed it; my whole family was pretty cool. I’m bisexual and it was very easy telling my mother that.So, how did I get into it, I was cocktailing and dancing and I was always very interested in it.I was dancing in Los Angeles under the name Rain, that’s where I got the last name from.

It was kind of a combination of modeling and stripping.I’ve always been kind of hyper-sexual but I never really slept around too much with absolute strangers.I was never the kind of person to pick somebody up.It seemed like yesterday when the Korean entertainment world shook in shock after singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee were caught to be secretly dating.A year after, Rain opened up about their current relationship and the details of love between the two big celebrities.

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But I wanted to make sure that I was into it and I liked it and it was on my own terms.

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