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Visit Mark’s Daily Apple I like this site because of its wide selection of topics. It really is a variety website in the truest sense of the term.

You’ll find a blend of pop culture mixed with health-related material on their feed. Visit Men’s Variety now If you are looking for a well-rounded men’s website with a focus on wellness, the GMP is one you’ll want to visit.

Here’s a mix of independent and mainstream sites to consider. Jed Diamond, he focuses on men’s issues related to healthy living.

Physical, emotional, and psychological health are highlighted. Marine Armin Brott, the sites seeks to fill a gap in the men’s health space. Visit TAMH here One of my favorite things about this website is how the blog has so many different types of topics related to men.

You’ll find many men’s styling articles on the site. Plus, they test products and offer “how to” articles for dudes. See Men’s Health Grooming Great all-around website for men’s issues but extra cool on the grooming front.

You’ll find lots of articles on topics ranging from shaving to moisturizers to beard care. Stop by Ask Men today If you are looking for contemporary grooming advice that also ties in fashion, you might want to check out Male Standard. Yep, this site is bar none one of the best on the Internet.

That’s a shame because on the smaller sites, you often get a unique perspective you’ll find nowhere else.

Moreover, the reading material isn’t targeted to just body builders. See Men’s Fitness now To my mind, this is a combination type site that’s split between general fitness and body building.

Amazing articles geared towards newbies to the gym or guys who have been working out a long time. The websites appearing below are general men’s interest sites.

You’ll find everything from outdoor reads to hunting.

Celebrity grooming material also appears in some of the posts. Visit Male Standard now There’s no way I could create this list without including GQ Magazine’s website. I find myself going there often to get the latest tips of strength training.

Tons of grooming articles on their blog with many that include videos. There are more websites dedicated to men’s fitness tips than I can shake a stick at. You’ll find a very active community of body builders here.

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