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With the beginning of 2006, he had been seen with Australian singer, model and actress, Sophie Monk.Few weeks of love life have been finished and they entered into an engaged life.Then Benji obsolete Paris Hilton, Holly Madison and Eliza Doolittle for several months. He then had been spotted with famous actor, model and manufacturer Cameron Diaz.They’re among those loving partners from the Hollywood.In 2000, their first record was released and at 2010 among the latest records premiered.Along with singing in this group, Benji Madden has emerged with numerous other well-known individuals in music planet, including Kill Hannah, Sean Kingston and others.

Aside from acting and music Benji Madden also ventured to the clothing business and opened a clothing line, which can be named MADE Clothing.

When they graduated from high school, the brothers decided to create a ring, where they had been joined by a few of their buddies from high school, also.

Up to the day, 5 records of this group “Great Charlotte” have been published, sales of that additionally added up earnings to the general amount of Benji Madden net worth.

Therefore, these side jobs also have added around the whole dimensions of Benji Madden net worth.

When he was a small child, he and his twin brother got curious in to songs.

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  2. The group disbanded in the early 1990s while touring to promote their album. He has recorded two solo albums and has collaborated with many musicians in the Pacific Northwest USA, including session/touring percussionist Matthew Burgess.