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Various news sources released photos of the couple enjoying a date in the streets of Paris.Right around the time when news broke that she was suing Seo Taiji for alimony, Jung Woo Sung revealed that they had broken up.We ended up settling this matter by giving him millions of won.” 4.

She and some of the hoobaes said they were leaving, so I went out to bid them goodbye, but got captured by the paparazzi.Later that year she was blackmailed by an ex with nude photos and sex tapes.Known to the media as only “Yoo”, the man demanded ,000.The tape was secretly filmed by her ex-manager Kim Ji Won, who had reportedly used it to blackmail her when she voiced her desire to find a new manager. Although Baek Ji Young publicly apologized for the scandal, she was met with such a backlash by the public she was forced to leave the country.All her songs were taken off the air and her advertising contracts cancelled.

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Baek Ji-young is a South Korean singer and musician.

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