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Archaeological sites are often destroyed due to present day construction projects.

This magnetisation, acquired during cooling, is called a thermal remanent magnetisation (TRM) and has the remarkable property that most of it is preserved for thousands of years (and vastly longer) unless it is reheated or chemically changed.

Such materials therefore retain a record of the direction and intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field from the time that the magnetisation was originally acquired.

This will be discussed first, followed by archaeomagnetic dating of other materials, such as plaster, sediments, paint, etc., and then other applications, such as reconstruction and provenancing. Many areas in the European Union (EU) are undergoing rapid economic expansion, inevitably involving the loss of our shared cultural heritage. Hence, it can be used for studies of the past geomagnetic field, but also as reliable dating tool for archaeological sites.This is because the Earth’s magnetic field is fairly uniform (and therefore predictable) over an area of some 1 000 000 km region. burnt destruction levels several hundred km apart, that were fired at the same time will have identical directions and ancient field intensities.That is, of course, identical within the limits of the technique.

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Direct observations of the present Earth’s magnetic field only go back for some 400 years (can be done using either the direction or the intensity of magnetisation (or better both) of burnt materials.

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