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Poitras identifies the first generation as the "Astro Boy Generation".

Despite being the first and most popular animated Japanese television series, Astro Boy did not create many hardcore fans, but it exposed viewers to the medium and increased their receptivity towards it later on.

It was soon banned in 1979 by then president Ferdinand Marcos, five episodes before the end of the series, along with the other anime series' airing at the time, for its violence and warlike themes.

Anime includes animated series, films and videos, while manga includes manga, graphic novels, drawings and related artwork.They have their origin in Japanese entertainment, but the style and culture has spread worldwide since its introduction into the West in the 1990s.Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, including anime, manga or video games.However, the manga market in Japan is beginning to decline.In 2007, the manga industry showed a 4% decrease in sales from the previous year, its fifth consecutive year of decline.

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  2. CBS tried to cover its tracks by issuing a generic statement saying producers "do not condone" any commentary that may "reveal prejudices and other beliefs." As to why the series made the decision to air these particular comments, we'll just go ahead and point to star Abby Lee Miller went to prison for fraud related to a bankruptcy filing.