American girl dating a kenyan man

So, the relationship begins with marriage being completely out of the picture.You guys kick it for a while; until she finds someone her own age. I’m not talking about someone who was a few years behind your mum in High School and remembers how your mum used to bully her. Unless of course she is 40 but looks 25, but we shall cover .By the time you come around she has already experienced unbelievable heartache at the hands of real jerks. A friend of ours once brought his latest catch to our watering hole.

At that time Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee was having some shidas as well, but that’s no excuse for confusing him with the Finance Minister of the Country!She will be perfectly content with you just not cheating on her. This chick says she supports Amos Kimunya because he has done a good job with Football in Kenya.In shock, one of us asked her who she thought Amos Kimunya was.Identifying with the girl’s way of life is of key importance in winning her heart.As mentioned earlier, Kenya is a diverse society so it’s important to know the way of life of the Kenyan people and particularly that of the girl in question.

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