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Williams, Kent State University Hyde Graduate Student Research Grant Roberta Downing, University of California, Santa Cruz Psychological Research on Women and Gender Melissa Williams, University of California, Berkeley; Honorable mentions: Nicole Knickmeyer, University of Memphis, and Oksana Yakushko, University of Missouri-Columbia Mary Roth Walsh Teaching the Psychology of Women Award Misty Hook, Ph D DIV. Rick Snyder, Ph D, and David Wetter, Ph D Special Service to Div.38 Christopher France, Ph D Career Service to Health Psychology Norman B.Miller Award for an Outstanding Recent Article in General Psychology Steven Hollon, Ph D Arthur W. Messick Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions R. 8 (SOCIETY FOR PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY) Henry Murray Award David Winter, Ph D DIV. Alloy, Ph D Florence Halpern Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Clinical Psychology Gerald P. Shinn, Ph D Lightmer Witmer Awards Melissa Bray, Ph D, and Shane Jimerson, Ph D Outstanding Dissertation in School Psychology Amanda D. 17 (SOCIETY OF COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY) Leona Tyler Award Donald G. Powell Layton Career Achievement Award in Applied Gerontology Michael Smyer, Ph D Master Mentor Award Susan Whitbourne, Ph D Mentor Award Chandra Mehrotra, Ph D Springer Early Career Achievement Award in Research on Adult Development and Aging Joseph Gaugler, Ph D Margret M.Darrell Bock, Ph D Jacob Cohen Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring Lisa L. 9 (SOCIETY FOR THE PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY OF SOCIAL ISSUES) Kurt Lewin Memorial Award Daphne Blunt Bugental, Ph D Distinguished Service Awards Geoffrey M. Koocher, Ph D David Shakow Early Career Award for Contributions to the Science and Practice of Clinical Psychology Michael E. Blau Early Career Award for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Clinical Psychology Julia Kasl-Godley, Ph D Stanley Sue Award for Distinguished Contributions to Diversity Stanley Sue, Ph D Section II (Clinical Geropsychology) Student Research Award Tara Lynn Victor, Michigan State University Section II (Clinical Geropsychology) Distinguished Clinical Mentorship Award Gregory A. Zytowski, Ph D Fritz and Linn Kuder Early Career Award Karen M. Baltes Doctoral Dissertation Award in the Psychology of Aging Quinn Kennedy, Ph D Developmental Health Award Richard Schulz, Ph D Student Research Award Natalie Ebner, Max Planck Institute Doctoral-Level Proposed Research Award Jonathan Peelle, Brandeis University Completed Doctoral Research Award Patrick Davidson, Ph D Master's-Level Proposed Research Award Abby Heckman, Georgia Institute of Technology Completed Master's Research Award Elizabeth Hay, Pennsylvania State University Undergraduate-Level Proposed Research Award Marci Smith, University of Richmond Completed Undergraduate Research Award Sara Moorman, Pennsylvania State University DIV. Alluisi Award for Early Career Achievement Douglas A. Briggs Dissertation Award Paul Ward, Ph D Franklin V.42 (PSYCHOLOGISTS IN INDEPENDENT PRACTICE) Distinguished Public Service Award Henry Saeman and The National Psychologist Lifetime Achievement Award Arthur L. 43 (FAMILY) Family Psychologist of the Year Anne Kazak, Ph D Carolyn Attneave Diversity Award Guillermo Bernal, Ph D Distinguished Service to Family Psychology Roberta Nutt, Ph D Distinguished Service Award Michael Gottlieb, Ph D Distinguished Contribution to Family Psychology Alan Gurman, Ph D Randy Gerson Award Krista Gattis, Ph D Florence W.Kaslow Distinguished Contributions to International Family Psychology Award Florence W. 44 (SOCIETY FOR THE PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY OF LESBIAN, GAY AND BISEXUAL ISSUES) Distinguished Scientific Contribution Perry N.Harris, Ph D Outstanding Achievement by a State, Provincial or Territorial Psychological Association Oregon Psychological Association Outstanding Achievement by a Psychological Association Staff Member Jan Trepanier, Vermont Psychological Association Diversity Award Connecticut Psychological Association DIV. Maslow Award Robert Coles, MD Rollo May Award Amedeo Giorgi, Ph D Sydney M. 33 (MENTAL RETARDATION AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES) Edgar A.

13 (SOCIETY OF CONSULTING PSYCHOLOGY) Harry and Miriam Levinson Award John Deleray, Ph D RHR International Award for Excellence in Consultation Richard C. Shullman, Ph D Dorothy Booz Black Award for Outstanding Achievement in Counseling Health Psychology Elizabeth M. Super Fellowship Christa Schmidt, University of Missouri-Kansas City Barbara A. Swagler, University at Albany of the State University of New York DIV. 24 (THEORETICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL) Distinguished Contributions to Theoretical Psychology Award Rachel Hare-Mustin, Ph D Sigmund Koch Award for Early Career Contributions to Psychology John C. Kelly, State University of West Georgia, and Sarah L. Hake Basic/Applied Research Award William Mc Ilvane, Ph D Fred S.

Diedrich, Ph D RHR International Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award Tracy Cocivera, Ph D Society of Consulting Psychology Professional Service Award Paul Lloyd, Ph D DIV. 18 (PSYCHOLOGISTS IN PUBLIC SERVICE) Harold Hildreth Award Paul E. Marsh, Ph D Outstanding Graduate Student Award Lisa M. Keller Behavioral Education Award Linda Hayes, Ph D B. Skinner New Researcher Award Sung Woo Kahng, Ph D Outstanding Dissertation Award Jason Landon, Ph D; Honorable mention: Erin B. 26 (HISTORY) Lifetime Achievement Awards Wolfgang G.

14 (SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY) Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award Paul R. Gendreau, Ph D Early Career Achievement Award Robert D. Linning, University of Nevada at Las Vegas Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding VA Psychologist Clinician Catherine Shaw, Psy D Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding VA Psychologist Director of Training Toni Zeiss, Ph D Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding VA Psychologist Researcher James Breckenridge, Ph D Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding VA Psychologist Administrator Mary Jansen, Ph D Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding Lifetime Career Contributions to the VA Section Rodney Baker, Ph D, and Walter Penk, Ph D Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding Early Career Contributions to the VA Section Ligia Martinez, University of Miami Veterans Affairs Section Outstanding Contributions to the VA Section Dolly C. Bringmann, Ph D, and Laurel Furumoto, Ph D Early Career Award Wade E.

Newman Graduate Research Award Rose Mary Webb, Vanderbilt University Thelma Hunt Research Awards Jessica Snowden, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and Matthew J. Michelle Peruche, Florida State University; Second place: Geoffrey Anton Lee, University of Florida; Third place: Jennifer A.

Zagumny, Tennessee Technical University Regional Faculty Adviser Awards Susan E. Sleigh, Ph D, and Jeffrey Smith, Ph D National Convention Research Awards Amanda Angie, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Breanna N. Seegers, Liberty University Erlbaum Awards Ivan Kane Ash, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Rebecca Jeanne Lamberth, Rutgers University New Brunswick Denmark National Faculty Adviser Award Paul Finn, Ph D DIV.

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Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions Lila R. Petry, Ph D Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contribution to Psychology (Individual Differences) Richard W.

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