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General Behavior Migration and Navigation Abilities The earliest known sea turtle fossils are about 150 million years old.

In groups too numerous to count, they once navigated throughout the world’s oceans.

Rivera serves as the Keesler Marine Detachment Color Sergeant managing the Color Guard for all formal ceremonies and was also recently selected as the MARDET Non-Commissioned Officer of the Quarter. She has provided excellent service to the members of Keesler AFB for more than 17 years and recently won the 2018 Air Education and Training Command level Major General John P.

We are starting a video series about #resilience that we will be posting throughout fall and winter where people from Keesler will be sharing their stories of overcoming their personal obstacles.

Most females return to nest on the beach where they were born (natal beach). Most females nest at least twice during each mating season; some may nest up to ten times in a season.

It is theorized that they spend their earliest, most vulnerable years floating around the sea in giant beds of sargasso weeds, where they do little more than eat and grow.

The olive ridley is usually less than 100 pounds, while the leatherback typically ranges from 650 to 1,300 pounds!

The upper shell, or carapace, of each sea turtle species ranges in length, color, shape and arrangement of scales.

But in just the past 100 years, demand for turtle meat, eggs, skin and colorful shells has dwindled their populations.

Destruction of feeding and nesting habitats and pollution of the world’s oceans are all taking a serious toll on remaining sea turtle populations.

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