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"John, Colleen and Jake are here," she said remembering their names from the video. "I hope you like steak." "Sure," Jake said as he looked at the in-ground pool and Jacuzzi. "The other three couples were very nice." "I understand some of these couples are interested in more than just being friends.

The backyard went way back into a thicket of trees. " Jake wanted to know upfront if this couple had any notion of wife-swapping on their mind. Did any of them make any suggestions along that line? "I'm really not supposed to talk about any of our other dates.

"Carol called and said a new couple moved in and are just looking to make friends.

"We are not doing anything this weekend so let's invite them over for dinner," Ann said. "You are beautiful." He planted baby kisses on her tiny lips."Yes, and they were clear about what they want and don't want," John added.The woman was kind of plain who didn't seem to wear any makeup. "He looks to want more than just friendship." "His wife is very good looking so I doubt if he would be interested in me," Colleen said.He clicked on their photo and they sat back to listen to the man first. My wife and I are interested in meeting another couple to hang out with. We are just looking for friends so if you are looking for more then you need to look elsewhere." They waited as the video switched to the woman. We have just moved into town and would like to meet another couple to show us around and have dinner with.We are happily married and are not looking for another couple to be romantic with.

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