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Oftentimes, people can zone out, "thinking about things they don't want to happen (losing erections, climaxing too quickly or not at all)," she says, or worrying "about things outside of sex (getting work done, messes in the house, stress)." Instead, incorporate the present moment."Asking yourself what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel during sex will help you be there with your lover," she says. "You can even bring extra sensuality into the sexual experience by using things that smell, taste or feel good," she adds. "Light candles, play music, notice your partner's breath or heartbeat.Sam (Michael Goorjian) and his teammates from a church league cage quintet have enormous troubles in their relationships with females, and when he as well as his best friend ( David Lovgren) seek the affections of Kelly, played by Chandra West, expected complexities are the result, especially since the two have widely disparate abilities when in company with the gentler sex.

"So often people are in their heads rather than their bodies." Instead of being in the moment, they're in some far-off place, which short-circuits connection and can mess with things like orgasms.Laura learns that her husband has been having an affair with ...See full summary » Special Agent Jennifer Beck is a intrepid FBI agent who is assigned to solve the case of a multimillionaire couple missing daughter.Couples can struggle with how often to have sex, and what to do when they're in bed together."They sometimes make love to express love, and it can be tender or sweet, and sometimes they are just going through the motions, because they feel like they 'should' be having sex," she says.

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