24 7 home cams

But, staring at a sea of options can be really confusing if you haven't already sorted through what matters to you and what doesn't.

There's a lot to consider as far as security camera features, specs and general tech goes.

Before getting bogged down by the specifics, think about what you hope to get out of a security camera.

Here are some questions to consider: DIY security offers you the freedom to select from a bunch of different features, prices and styles.

The majority of DIY security cameras today operate on your home Wi-Fi network.

That puts pressure on companies to create cameras that are truly simple to set up, but it's good news for consumers -- and the mass market as a whole -- since there are more buying options than ever before.

That doesn't mean that you can't easily move the camera to a different spot, just that you'll always have to consider the location of an outlet when you're selecting the install area (or keep an extension cord handy). Most security cameras today are accessible on either Android or i OS devices.

Many also offer web apps so you can log in on your laptop to view the same video feed or tweak your settings.

This also means that an interruption to your Wi-Fi signal, whether due to spotty service or an electrical outage will keep your camera from working.

The Netgear Arlo Go camera works over a cellular network (today, compatibility is limited to AT&T Enterprise customers) and Canary's Flex has an optional Verizon 4G LTE mount.

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