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Clean would you rather questions are a fun and interesting tool to have on hand… Make sure you think long and short term for this one. Here are 15 clean, incredibly funny would you rather questions: That amount of socks might be worth a small fortune. Admit it — you’ve always kind of wanted to be a centaur.

because as we all know: Sometimes it’s tough to come up with a conversation topic. What do you value more — your personal comfort or your favorite memes? You never know — those wide-leg jeans could come back any day now. Either way you’ll probably end up clearing rooms on a fairly regular basis. This question becomes extra funny if you have both options ready to pull out.

Plenty of them are going to rack your mind in a serious way. If you’re just looking for a quick get to know you question, to bust out on a first date, at work, or hanging with your friends, this versatile list should treat you right. Here are 15 of the best clean get to know you questions: Monochromatic or multi-color? This question makes you think about what’s truly valuable in this life. Use these questions when you really want to get the other person thinking.

Follow the rabbit hole down the laughter path and see how far it can take you.

Laughing with your friends is what life’s all about.

Don’t rush your answers, and feel free to debate which answer is best.

And how would you find your way back to familiar territory?

What’s worth more — honor and prestige or cold, hard cash?

Here are 11 clean would you rather questions for couples: This question helps you to understand what kind of life she hopes to lead and what’s important to her. Sometimes deep conversations can fly off the rails. Really try to challenge yourselves and give your brain some exercise.

While it’s a fictional situation, this is another question that can help you to see if your general lifestyle goals are compatible. Use them to strengthen your bond and learn more about each other. Again, convincing the other person or group why your answer is best is part of what makes this game such a blast.

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