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Oh God it's time for the 'Best Directioner Contest #1' Ooo actually those are fun I'm excited now. Although to be honest if someone romantically inclined towards me started following me on twitter I would lose my shit. (Plus increased relationship but who cares) Oh I've unlocked a special scene with Harry!

Steinfeld spark dating rumours after being spotted at a Backstreet Boys gig in Las Vegas.. Also I have learned a lot more about One Direction since the last time so maybe this will aid me in my quest, whatever that will be. Not great with my shitty internet connection at the moment. I'm going to pick the hospital patient Oh Jesus they make you fill out a way more detailed personality thing. I have no idea what 'stength' is but whatever it is I'm not buying it. Ok there just was a very intense opening sequence, complete with a musical score which could possibly bring Hans Zimmerman to tears. LET'S DATE SOME MEMBERS OF A BOY BAND THAT I DON'T PARTICULARLY LISTEN TO OR WHATEVER BUT ANYWAY WOO LET'S DO THIS! DISCLAIMER: I am trying to be funny, but more likely than not I'll come across as an asshole. a) Cross eyed sweater wearing girl b) Sultry seductress c) Hospital patient (Also why are they all white??? Don't worry honey, everyone feels like that about the first day of school. Oh and I found out to get Louis to like you you have to tell him that you love him. Spoiler: you can't D: I just did 0 and apparently my relationship with all the boys increased. The increase put me up to friends with all the boys.

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Pew Die Pie plays "1Dreamboy 2: One Direction dating sim game".

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