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I learned a lot about being a better partner from him. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized how inappropriate and borderline predatory it was on his part. Sure it's all legal and whatnot, but you just have to wonder what kind of a person dates someone so much younger when they aren't going to have much in common.

I'm sure you are right that my experience may be the exception, but it is possible, and I hope no one thought ill of my ex, because he was a good man when I knew him. I was 18 and dating a 30 year old a few years back.

I like your advice to pay attention to how they act.

Also, from another side, I also dated someone in their early 30s when I was 19, but I would say that their only character flaw was putting up with my bs.

He was genuinely nice, treated me well, and was not at all condescending.

I treated him worse than he treated me, and I also lied about my age when we first met(because most normal people, which he was, would not date someone so much younger so easily). I've been on dates with people just 6 years younger than me (throughout my 30s), and found myself thinking, inevitably, "oh wow, we are in such different periods of life, we have almost nothing in common here", and have since ceased even trying with that large of an age difference. I literally cannot comprehend how people 11-15 years apart can find enough in common to make a relationship work.

I regret it at times because I feel I never got to live out my youth.

Both of their respective partners had been dead for quite a while now and to substitute for their loss, they turned to each other.Once the honeymoon phase wore off, it was like 'why are we together? She was starting a good career and wanted to settle down, as is typical for someone that age, and I was in my university and party phase.If we were the same age we definitely would have worked out, but the whole experience soured me against age gaps in relationships.I'm 29 now and I couldn't imagine dating a 19 year old.We would want different things and there would be such a gap in maturity. My current partner is older than me and REALLY made me feel like shit about enjoying things that people my age were enjoying.

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