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Circumstances in our day ought to alert you-- and everyone who believes in the Son of God --to an apparent parting of the ways; the last remnant of Christs' people going upwards. I'm inclined to agree with you What you've deemed a loss of grace about the Council, has likely been a signal of His imminent return in glory. All Catholics know that the Pope holds Christ's keys to the kingdom. By evil design the enemy clouds your vision and misdirects suspicions, blaming the ecumenical Council for the failures of a sinful world. We appealed to them; come forward and be included among his faithful. Yes we appealed to them, come forward, and they did not come (Europe). But are we appealing to them in the most effective manner? -- Brian Crane ([email protected]), November 13, 2004.

Does anyone else think that 40 years of ecumenism and waning Catholic identity of certain European countries is not a complete coincidence? " From your reply, I'm guessing I can put your name in the complete coincidence column. Dear Brian, I'd be interested in the direction you're taking such information. " -- Brian Crane ([email protected]), November 12, 2004. Protestantism was born in Europe 600 hundred years ago. Brian, everything evil in the world is NOT a direct result of Vatican II. Eugene, my family and I "officially" entered the Church at the Feast of the Assumption. Our waves of unbelief had their start well before the reign of John XXIII and the 2nd Vatican Council.

I don't have a problem with any of them, except for some ambiguous language here and there which has been abused by modernists in the so- called "spirit of VII." The blame for that falls on the abusers themselves and their enablers.

Since you are so concerned about upholding the glory of VII, let me tell you that the documents define no new doctrine or dogma.

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I was struck by the juxtaposition of two articles appearing today. Gail -- Gail ([email protected]), November 12, 2004. What has happened specifically to France, Italy, and Spain, Gail?

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